Eastside Women's Health Center
13128 Totem Lake Blvd NE
Suite 204
Kirkland, WA 98034
Phone: (425) 836-6847
Fax (425) 896-7282

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Eastside Women's Health & Lactation has moved!

I am moving my office one floor up, with more room and soon more providers to meet your needs. I am taking some time off this summer while I work through the transition, however, I will be available to see patients again by August 1st.

Cori Dixon, Licensed Massage and Craniosacral Therapist, is also moving with me! She will continue to see clients at Eastside Natural Medicine thru July. Then she will move upstairs.

Until then, if you need to contact Kristina Chamberlain, you can do so on her after-hours number: 1-810-LACTATE (810-522- 8283). You can contact Cori Dixon at 425-501-2485 or coridixonlmp@gmail.com

As of August 1, our new address is:
13128 Totem Lake Blvd NE, SUITE 204 (same building, just one floor up)
Kirkland, WA 98034
PH: 425-836-6847; FAX: 425-896-7282
(phone and fax will not accept calls until end of July)

As we get closer to our "grand opening", online scheduling for Kristina and Cori will be available through the website.

At Eastside Women’s Health Center, your concerns will be heard. I am licensed as a certified nurse-midwife and women's health nurse practitioner. I am also certified as an Intenational Board Certified Lactation Consultant. My education and experience allow me to treat the whole you, offer more natural treatments when appropriate, and prescribe medications when necessary.

My mission is to provide care that honors you as a whole person, taking into account your lifestyle, your medical history, and what you think your needs are. As a solo provider, I oversee every aspect of your care in my office. I also collaborate with other providers in the area, so that we can work as a team taking the best care of you. I offer longer appointments so that we have the time to work through your issues and find solutions for better health. My goal is to provide quality care to my patients in a joyful and respectful manner. Please see me for your women’s health and lactation needs!

Working with women so they can achieve their health care goals